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The Golden Slipper Club is a small select venue where musicians can find an informal environment in which to perform. Those who like listening to live music will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in which to appreciate the varied music and styles to be heard there. Musicians perform on an informal stage area, and each act is invited to contribute about three songs in a spot of around 15 minutes.

A diverse range of musical styles can be found at the Golden Slipper Club, including folk, blues and contemporary music. On the same night offerings can range from the Beachboys and Ry Cooder to Planxty and Woody Guthrie; from blues to the Blaydon Races and the Black Velvet Band. Performances take place essentially using acoustic instruments, although discrete sound reinformcement may be used.

The Golden Slipper Club is run as a private club. All entrants to the Club must be members. Members pay a subscription of one UK pound per annum, and they are then issued with a membership card which they must show on entry.

Performers are welcome. Those who would like a spot of about 15 minutes are advised to come early and make themselves known to the organisers on arrival.

The Golden Slipper Club meets on the first Thursday of each month. Please check the Folkmaster Diary Listing page for dates and last minute changes. The venue is the cellar bar of the Ferry Inn, on the corner of the High St and East St in Shoreham-by-Sea. Click here for a map.

Contact us by email at goldenslipper

Please come along and join us, to play or just to listen!